Friday, April 17, 2009

710 ESPN Seattle

I like the idea that there is another sports radio station in Seattle. Really, what’s not to like? It’s nice to have an alternative when I’m not interested in whatever is going on at 950 or if that station is running a huge block of ads. I still am partial to Mitch Levy’s stuff in the morning because he’s clearly the most talented and polished guy out there, if not immature at times, but I’m fine with that. We get Calabro, whom I’ve expressed my sports love for frequently. We also get Brock Huard and that other guy who I’m sure I won’t like. Seems strange that they’d go with an out-of-towner, but whatever.

Huard has been good on TV for awhile now and he’s always had really good things to say when given a venue on the radio. I’d be very surprised if this thing didn’t work out for him long term. He’s a local guy who is bright and played in the NFL, if only briefly, but who cares? He’s always been studious and has an easy manner and comes across as a more likeable Hugh Millen, whom I like as well, but he gets bogged down sometimes.

Perhaps the greatest thing, for me at least, about this new station is that I was able to conjure up an image that was in my mind back in college. Huard, for all of the good things that he brings and will bring to the air, is a strange-looking guy. When I saw him during a game I mentioned to a friend of mine that he looked like a bird, but not just any bird. He looks exactly like Evil Tweety Bird. I grew up on Looney Toons and I remember an episode where Tweety Bird gets mutated (or something) into this evil, monster bird. That, my friends, is Brock Huard.

But don’t take my word for it…

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