Saturday, March 14, 2009

Byron Leftwich & Seahawks Generally

Sign him, Seahawks. I don’t know what kind of offense they will run in Seattle, but I do think that if he’s willing to be a backup, then he’s certainly worth it. He’s a huge upgrade over Charlie Frye and Seneca Wallace. I do like Wallace, and he has played very well in Hasselbeck’s absence, but if Seattle has a chance to bring in a guy who could and should definitely be a starter in the NFL as a backup, I think they’ve got to do it. I’d feel very comfortable with a QB situation of Hasselbeck, Leftwich, and Wallace. I never felt comfortable with Charlie Frye.

I have an illogical belief that the Seahawks are going to be good next year. I say it just about every year because I convince myself that because I know their team and their players then it means that I can predict that they’ll be good. Forget the fact that every single one of their offensive line ended up on the injured reserve before the season was over. Forget the fact that every one of their wide receivers was injured during the season or coming off of an injury before the season. Forget the fact that their Pro-Bowl-caliber QB ended up sitting out nearly half of the season with a bulging disk in his back. Forget the fact that their defense was atrocious and could not get off of the field. I say forget all of that and focus on this one nugget: from a karma perspective, that conveyor belt of beaver traps can’t happen again to this team. It just can’t. The NFL gods were telling Holmgren that he should have left after 2007. No one ever stays with just one year left on their deal. As much of an awesome dude Holmgren is, and by all accounts he was, he still couldn’t get past the fact that he was a lame duck coach. Players do not want to be terrible, but when there is someone else to shoulder the blame, it makes things a little easier. Subconsciously it’s impossible for players (employees, essentially) not to let off the gas a little in imperceptible ways if the guy making decisions and riding these players is not going to be around. Just think about what it’s like when there are simply no consequences to what you do. Would you still work as hard as you had been if there were no penalties associated with your behavior?

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