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Local Hoops, NFC West - Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Local Hoops
I went to see a couple Rainier Beach v. Seattle Prep games a few years ago when these guys were on the floor Martell Webster, Spencer Hawes, CJ Giles, Terrance Williams, and the Stewart Twins. Those guys were … um, those guys were good. When CJ Giles and the Stewart Twins were playing, Martell’s team was young, but you could definitely see the ability. Now I see Martell lighting things up in Portland, Louisville is always on TV so Terrance Williams is always getting airtime … it’s just weird. Oh, we went to a playoff game at Ingraham High School when Williams and Webster were seniors and Williams threw down on the most vicious, in-traffic dunks I’ve ever seen. It was seismic. I wonder if he’ll make it in the NBA. I have my doubts because he’s a terrible shooter, but he’s also a freakishly good athlete that stands out amongst other freakishly good athletes. He’s 6’7 and should be able to guard almost anyone from 1-4. We’ll see I guess. I’d say he’s a very Desmond Mason type of player, so he should make it.

As for Adam Morrison, he’s simply a terrible NBA player. He was a big time scorer in college and I thought he was a good player for that level, but I never thought that his game would transfer to the NBA because he is such a poor 3-pt shooter. I think he shot somewhere in the 30% range from the college stripe. That’s not good. His one great skill in college was scoring and scoring from 15 with jumpers, and that would be severely curtailed in the NBA because players are bigger and much more athletic that what he faced on a nightly basis. He can’t rebound, he has no ability to pass the ball (nor any desire to do so), and he is probably one of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen from an effort and ability standpoint. So his struggles at the NBA level are not a surprise. I can’t believe he went No. 3 overall. Yeah, he’s a much better player than Brandon Roy. Unless Morrison develops a dependable stroke from downtown he’ll never be anything more than a liability and he’ll be out of the league very soon.

NFC West
All year, members of the sports media have been bashing the relative weakness of the NFC West. This bashing has been warranted because the NFC West isn’t very good. But this is simply lazy journalism on their part, broadcast or print, and I’ll tell you why. If you just take a look at the divisional standings you’ll see what I mean. Here are the win totals for all of the teams in each division. In parenthesis I’ve put the win totals of all teams minus the division winner/leaders:

a. AFC East: 26 (11)
b. AFC South: 40 (27)
c. AFC North: 29 (19)
d. AFC West: 24 (14)
e. NFC East: 28 (15)
f. NFC South: 25 (16)
g. NFC North: 33 (21)
h. NFC West: 25 (15)

Look at those numbers. The toughest division is the AFC South. Indy, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Houston are all decent to great teams. By far the weakest division is the AFC East; I mean it’s not even close. Outside of New England, the teams are terrible. Additionally, the NFC East and the AFC West are the same or worse than the NFC West. It’s unbelievable that the media would simply state, as if it were fact that the NFC West hands down the worst division in football when the numbers simply don’t back it up. It’s frustrating. Yes, San Francisco and St. Louis are terrible, no question, but so too are Miami, NY Jets, Denver, KC, and Oakland. This kind of stuff makes me want to drag my knuckles up and down MarbleCrete walls.

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