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Random College Football Games and Other - Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kansas v. Missouri
If you saw this game, you saw Todd Reesing get absolutely murdered on a hit in the third or fourth quarter. It looked identical to the hit Trent Green took early last year that resulted in a severe concussion and actually looked like he was killed on the play. Reesing scrambled to his left and stayed up too long and started to slide when a Missouri linebacker came in and just blasted him. Reesing was hit in the face and the back of his head ricocheted off of the ground. It was gruesome. But dude got up and proceeded to throw the game winning touchdown later in the game. Reesing is 5’10 and around 170 or so. He has some serious brussel sprouts. It was a fantastic game that featured tons of lead changes (including three in the last four minutes). Also, I remain impressed with Jeremy Maclin and insist that he will be a super-duper star in the NFL. Chase Daniel may have a career in the NFL as well so long as he plays on the right team. I don’t think he’s taken a snap from under center his entire career, so he’ll have that hurdle to overcome, but if he played for New England in 2007, he’d be fine, I think that Brady was in the shotgun for like 85% of his plays that year.

Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State
Both of these teams are very, very, very good. OK State could have easily won this game, but OU simply has too much on offense. That sounds like a preposterous comment given that OU won the game by 20 (61-41) but as I watched the game, the outcome was in doubt for a large part of it. By the way, Jermaine Gresham (OU’s TE) is phenomenal. Their running backs (DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown) are unstoppable. One of their WRs, Juaquin Iglesias is very talented, and of course, Sam Bradford is a nearly flawless QB. I’m in awe of his accuracy. He puts the ball exactly where it needs to be and has more than enough arm strength. I’d love for Seattle to draft him. I still love Hasselbeck, but Seattle needs to have a real backup QB to take over the reigns when Hasselbeck can’t go anymore. Bradford is simply awesome. I know that he has nearly all day to throw, but when he does throw, he never seems to make a mistake. Ever. I also should say something about Zach Robinson, OK State’s QB. That guy is pretty damn good himself and he’s got some crazy wheels as evidenced by 30-something yard TD run he had on 4th and 1.

Georgia Tech v. Georgia
I actually didn’t see most of this game, but I did tune in to watch Knowshon Moreno turn two screen passes into ridiculous, video-game like runs. He’s very shifty and fast, which I suppose is what a team would want in a running back.

I am definitely looking forward to watching the SEC title game this weekend. I think that Florida is on some kind of crazy roll, but then, so is Alabama. Should be interesting. I think Florida takes it 34-27. I’m also interested in seeing what kind of numbers Missouri can put up against Oklahoma. Those dudes can score and score a lot and Oklahoma’s D is not that good. I haven’t seen the line, but I’d have to guess that Oklahoma is a two-touchdown favorite to win the game. I’m going with a final of 55-45. I will NOT watch the UW game. I flatly refuse.

I watched zero minutes of NFL football this weekend, including Thanksgiving. Kim and I had Thanksgiving at our place and I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the Hawks game, which is just as well, evidently. I can’t get over how terrible they are. They’re 2-10. Cortez Kennedy was playing for this team the last time they went 2-14. I suppose it’s possible they duplicate that “effort” but it’s so weird. I did not see this coming. I think that I predicted that San Diego and Dallas would meet in the Super Bowl with San Diego winning. Um, that’s wrong.

I think these were my predictions, but I’d have to go back to look:

NFC East: Dallas (still alive)
NFC North: Green Bay (dying)
NFC South: New Orleans (dead)
NFC West: Seattle (dead and buried)
Wildcards: New York (best team in the NFL), Carolina (alive)

AFC East: New England (alive, surprisingly)
AFC North: Pittsburgh (alive)
AFC South: Jacksonville (dead)
AFC West: San Diego (dead)
Wildcards: Indianapolis (alive and thriving), Tennessee (very much alive)

I guess that’s not bad, but three teams that I thought would go deep into the playoffs: Seattle, Jacksonville, and San Diego have turned out to be colossal disappointments.

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