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Super Bowl 42, Movies - Monday, February 11, 2008

Super Bowl
I loved that game. Loved it. During the season, I was pulling for New England because of the whole perfect season etc. I thought that I would be pulling for them in the Super Bowl, but I simply couldn't do it. I cannot stand it when the media and announcers etc act as if it's a foregone conclusion that something is going to happen. There was so much chatter that NYG had a "chance" in the game, but that they would not win because of XYZ. I can see how you could have that opinion, afterall, New England was having a great season, but what do all of those wins that happened during the year really mean to the game that they were about to play? NYG was playing unbelievably good football over the past month. Their defense looked terrorizing and they were clearly on a roll. Those who were bashing Manning looked stupid for doing so because he was playing really well. Saying that he would "choke" under the pressure made no sense because, if anything, it has been made abundantly clear that his demeanor is the same regardless of the situation. So why would this game be any different? Anyway, I liked seeing Brady get crushed, I liked seeing Randy Moss do nothing, and I really liked seeing Belichick lose. That guy has to be a first ballot hall of famer for the most hated dudes in sports. Seriously, what's his problem? To be fair, I really don't like Tom Coughlin at all either, he's not quite as bad as Belichick is. Personally, I'd like to see both of them kicked down a flight of stairs with their hands tied behind their back and their shoestrings tied together. Regardless of my feelings for either team, it really was a good game. It wasn't close because both teams were crappy and couldn't do anything, it was close because both teams were good and the team that played more relentless D won. I liked seeing that and I really liked the drama at the end with Manning escaping and Tyree making that ridiculous catch against his head. Unbelievable. Just a great game.

I'm very embarrassed to admit this, but I was sent to Hollywood Video the other day (our free movies stream courtesy of the Olympia library has dried up lately, so I've had to resort of actually paying cash money for movies; it's a shock to the system and I'm coping). That's not what I'm embarrassed about though. I was in a situation where I was supposed to pick up a movie that both of us would enjoy. I had seven flicks in my hand and the one I came home with was a bad choice. The movie was "Dreamgirls." I like Jamie Foxx and I love Eddie Murphy. Do you know what I don't love? Musicals. I love music, but I hate it when people sing their lines. I thought that the movie was going to be a movie about musicians. You know, like the Johnny Cash movie and "Ray." I did not think it was going to be "Chicago." (although I didn't mind "Chicago" probably because I knew what it was going in … that and Catherine Zeta Jones is hot, even though she kind of looked like a man in that movie). In fact, the movie didn't even start out as a musical. They sort of sucked you in to think that it was going to be what I thought it was going to be. Then, out of nowhere, some dude starts singing lines and the lighting changes and all of the sudden I'm in a musical. I was pissed. As Ms. Costanaza once said, "I was DUPED!" I don't think it was the musical aspect that pissed me off as much as how lame the music was. Yes, Ms. Hudson, you have pipes and it is impressive that you can scream that loudly and not have your voice crack, but I'm tired of you. If I had known it was a musical I would have never rented it, or at least I would have been prepared. The movie that came in second place that night? "The Bourne Ultimatum." I echo Kim's sentiments here, "You should have rented that one instead."

We saw two other movies in the past month, both courtesy of the library and both having to do with magic stuff: "The Illusionist" and "The Prestige." We also saw "Pan's Labyrinth" but I didn't think the flick was that good and I don't have too much to say about it.

If you haven't seen either "The Illusionist" or "The Prestige" I'd recommend both. I will say that "The Illusionist" in my opinion, is far superior for many reasons. I won't say anything else about it because I'll ruin it, but the movie was really good. I also think Ed Norton is incredible.

The Prestige is really good also, and I'm glad that Christian Bale is back in the fold again. He was awesome as the "American Psycho" dude and as Batman. But before those two movies he hadn't done anything. Kind of like Billy Crudup (the guitarist in "Almost Famous.") Anyway, my biggest takeaway for this movie was that I'm frankly getting tired of seeing Scarlett Johansson run around with clothes on, she needs to do something about that, quickly. Take a page out of the Kate Winslett handbook. She got nominated for an Oscar for doing so, so don't tell me it hurts your credibility.

One last thing on movies, we watched "Cool Hand Luke" last night (it was on AMC). I'd seen this movie years ago and I don't have much to say here except that Paul Newman's "Luke" character was indeed, very cool. The egg-eating thing was one of the most random things in mainstream movie history. The other thing that I have to say is that Paul Newman probably could have pulled the most wool in the history of wool if he wanted to; I'm not saying he didn't, I don't really know any of his exploits, but I think that Clooney and Pitt would be in trouble if Newman was 40-years old today.

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